Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Message

Grace came over to visit and suggested that they should take a stroll round the village. She took Chioma to oputa stream, through the market square and also took her to meet her aunty, Ma Edna. The woman lived a small house with unfinished roofing. There was a small boy who met them at the gate. He ran back into the house to inform Ma Edna that she had visitors. Just as they were about to walk into the house, Grace whispered that Ma Edna is a Prophetess. The woman was dressed in all white and tied a multi-coloured scarf. She also had a big wooden rosary around her neck. She invited them into the sitting room. They were offered soft drinks and groundnuts by the small boy Ma Edna called Ugo.

“This is my childhood friend, Chioma. She arrived from the UK yesterday.”

“My daughter, you are welcome”. After a long conversation, Ma Edna asked that they should say a prayer together. She prayed and spoke in tongues. When she finished, she looked into Chioma’s eyes.

"Hmmm, terrible." Ma Edna said while shaking her head

Chioma was terrified. "Does she know about what Uncle Paul had done to her? " She thought.

She had not told her mum or even Grace about what had happen. It wasn't the right time to tell Grace or the right person to tell her.

“Forget about all your worries, my daughter. Focus on your future. You will become a great woman and dine with great men. But never forget about your family and your people. Before you go to sleep tonight, Say seven Hail Marys and pray for divine directions.”

Ma Edna made the sign of the cross on Chioma’s forehead.

Chioma got home late as they had also gone to see a couple of their friends after meeting with Ma Edna. Her little brother ran up to her and gave her a hug.

“I love you very much, Bobbie! I promise I'l never abandon you okay?” She said to him

Bobbie nodded and smiled.


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